About Us

Positive Slimming is one of the speciality treatment centres of Positive Homeopathy for slimming or for alleviating obesity. Since Obesity is one of the major health concerns leading to other hazardous diseases, Positive Slimming is being launched in order to cater to the needs of those suffering from the same. All our medications have no side effects and every patient gets attention to the details. All the medicines prepared by the doctors in the exact dosage for every patient with care. Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified homeopathy clinic, we never compromise on the quality of our service. All the homeopathic medicines are effective and painless with super Avogadro dilutions which brings in guaranteed results to everyone. We have our own pharmacological process of potentization which brings the best results to all our patients. Every patient coming to us for help will be treated not only in terms of medicines but given the required nutritional and physical training guidance as well.

One of the leading chain of Homeopathy centres in Bengaluru and Andhra Pradesh, Positive Homeopathy established its Online services in the country as well. Having experienced doctors in Homeopathy, the complete team is headed by Dr. T. Kiran Kumar, MD. Holding a high success score in curing and healing almost any disease through effective homeopathic treatment, Positive Homeopathy is on its way to be recognised as the best Homeopathic chains in the country. Every service provided here is qualitative, efficient and cost effective. We multiplied our impact by establishing various branches all across South India.

All our healthcare services are as per ISO standards which inform you about our quality standards. This makes us one of the quality conscious health care providers in the world.

Ever since Positive Homeopathy has been launched, we have been promoting Homeopathy all across the world. Apart from Indian clients, people from other parts of the world flew in for treatment and got completely healed of their ailments. With this, very soon in the near future, we will be expanding Patient care services internationally.

Imbibing and sustaining transparency in business and the fundamental principles brought Positive Homeopathy this far in both developing and maintaining outstanding relations with customers. Our dedication and commitment to our customers paved way to expand faster across Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Our Vision

To present Homeopathic Treatment Medical Excellency to every person in order to facilitate better lifestyle.

Our Mission

To offer qualitative and high standard treatment to all patients, helping them to enhance and maintain health with regard to post treatment concerns.

Director’s Profile

doctor for obesity

Dr.Kiran Kumar

Being a strong willed, motivated, ambitious, kind hearted and a positive attitude person, Dr. Kiran contributed towards a healthy society. Being a graduate from Gulbarga university , his goal is to promote homeopathy as the best and cost effective treatment to all including the downtrodden segments of the society. With the advent of the new medical age in this technological advancement times, constitutional homeopathy has been ignored and untouched. It was then that Dr. Kiran Kumar started his journey in the homeopathic treatment segment and started promoting the same to the society so that it can benefit to the maximum from this healthcare treatment.