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Obesity in Children:

There is a seemingly rise in the number of children who are turning obese in India in the recent years. The number has almost doubled being a cause of concern in terms of various facets of health being adversely affected and leading to other social problems as well. Children with family members who are obese are at a higher risk of being diagnosed with this overweight issue. To get rid of this health hazard, resorting to a solution with no side effects is the solution. There is hope for you still! You can get your child treated at Positive Slimming where your kid will be treated with absolute attention to every detail. Allow your child to live a regular happy life just like the other kids. Once treated at Positive Slimming, it will foster your child’s growth and helps build up self confidence as well.


  • Diet
  • Inactivity
  • Medical
  • Genetic
  • Socio Cultural
  • Psychological
causes of obesity in children

Symptoms / Complications

  • Lack of enough physical activity – The less physical activity you involve in, the higher the risk of obesity
  • Genetic issues – Obese parents pass on obesity to their children leaving no choice
  • Food Binges – Over indulging in unhealthy food binges leads to obesity
  • Increased BMI (Body Mass Index) – Higher the BMI, higher the risk of
  • Low Self - esteem leading to depression – Depression and low self-esteem breeds in the more obese you get
  • Social Stigmatization – Unwanted social stigmatization which leads to learning and behavioural problems
childhood obesity

Child Homeopathy Obesity Treatment

Allow your child to live a healthy and normal life like the others. Rather than going in for treatment which will have side effects
on your child’s health, turning to homeopathy is the best alternative. Homeopathic treatment to alleviate child obesity
is one of the safest ways to combat weight loss in children. Every doctor assesses your child’s case with special attention
to details assisting in the required guidance rather than just prescribing medicines. A holistic approach is required to treat this
health condition. Having homeopathy slimming expert doctors on board, your child’s dream of living a free life is now possible
and you are just an appointment away from it.

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Dr. Kiran Jose:

Treating patients with various
health conditions Dr. Kiran Jose is
a seasoned doctor when it comes
to homepathic treatment for slimming.

Dr. Bramharamba:

Specializing in treating various health
ailments throughhomeopathy,
Dr. Bramharamba is a knowledgeable
doctor who helps people go slim.

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