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Men Obesity:

The raging weight is a matter of concern to men more than anybody else. With every extra kilos that you pile up on, you are the verge of shortening your life by 3 years. Adding to this adverse change in culture shock, India takes the 3rd position in having the most number of obese people in the world. There are endless ways to combat this health condition but they also leave their dark side of side effects which leads to other complications in order to curethis one. Homeopathy treatment for men to treat obesity is the best alternative you can opt for to get rid of this health condition.


  • Diet
  • Inactivity
  • Medical
  • Genetic
  • Socio Cultural
  • Psychological
causes of obesity in men

Symptoms / Complications

  • Cancer – Higher the BMI, Higher vulnerability to cancer
  • Diabetes – The more obese you get, the more vulnerable you are to diabetes
  • Cardiovascular diseases – Coronary artery disease, hypertension and cholesterol levels shoot up
  • Stroke – Increases the risk of stroke
  • Shorter Life Span – Extreme obesity decreases the life span upto 14 times
  • Fatty Liver Disease – Obesity makes you susceptible to fatty liver disease
weight loss for man

Men Homeopathy Obesity Treatment

Positive Slimming offers the best obesity treatment plan for men which helps you achieve the results you desire and leaves you
mesmerized about the changes you develop during the course of time. Turning to homeopathic medicine
for the perfect weight loss procedure here will be the defining moment of your life. Integrated procedures will be adopted by our
well experienced and knowledgeable doctors to ensure that you reach your health goals which you have been longing for.

Our Team

Dr. Kiran Jose:

Treating patients with various
health conditions Dr. Kiran Jose is
a seasoned doctor when it comes
to homepathic treatment for slimming.

Dr. Bramharamba:

Specializing in treating various health
ailments throughhomeopathy,
Dr. Bramharamba is a knowledgeable
doctor who helps people go slim.

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