Obesity Reality Check

Every 3rd person in India out of an average of 4 people is found to be obese which is alarming. As per WHO’s report,
13% of adults over 18 years and more are obese and 39% of them were overweight. Obesity and overweight health
condition kills more people than underweight health condition. More than 41 million children are either overweight or
obese and more than 600 million adults are obese.

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What is Obesity

Being inescapable, Obesity is a chronic health condition which is in need of new strategies to prevent and treat. When an individual’s body starts accumulating fat in overabundance, it is bound to have a negative impact on the health leading to various other serious health ailments like type to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, fatty liver disease, birth defects, degenerative joint disease and more. Sadly, another discomfort people diagnosed with this health condition go through is social stigmatization which plummets their confidence levels to the rock bottom. This health condition is responsible for most of the deaths increasing the mortality rate.

With the increasing number of people diagnosed with overweight and obesity, the health costs are on the rise as well. As lifestyle changes and food habits alone cannot make a difference in their lives. Supporting medication services need to be adopted in order to combat the same to live a free healthy life.

How is Obesity Measured

Obesity being an epidemic as termed by the World Health Organization (WHO), has certain metrics to quantify and measure the intensity of this health condition. The traditional methods of measuring obesity are Body Mass Index (BMI) and Waist Circumference.

What is BMI

Body Mass Index is a mathematical formula which shows the measure of fat an individual has accumulated. This measure is calculated using the weight and height factors of an individual and doesn’t consider the age, family history, race or gender factors. Calculated by dividing an individual’s weight in kilograms by the height of the same person in meters squared, it reveals the fat reserves of a person. When a person’s BMI exceeds 30, he/ she is considered obese which opens doors for many diseases to creep in.

BMI Formula

BMI = (Weight in Kgs) / (Height in Square Meters)

Waist Circumference Measure

Waist Circumference is another measure widely used to determine abdominal fat. If the waist circumference of a man exceeds 40 then he is said to be obese. In case of women, those with a waist circumference of 35 or more inches fall under the obese category.

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Health risk due to obesity

Health Risks

As mentioned earlier, overweight and obesity are open doors to major health disorders, few of them being:

Type 2 Diabetes:When the BMI of a person is higher, he/she is likely to develop type 2 diabetes 80 times more than a person who maintains a healthy weight. The reason being, the substances that are involved in developing insulin resistance increase in excess.

Cardiovascular Diseases:When diagnosed with obesity, one is likely to develop cardiovascular diseases like hypertension, cardiomyopathy, artrioventricular block, clogging of fat cells in the blood vessels and more.

Increased Risk of Cancer:Once struck with obesity, people are more prone to develop cancers. like ovary, colon, kidney, pancreas, biliary tract system, bone marrow, oesophagus, gastric cardia and more.

Depression: Nobody diagnosed with Obesity can escape depression. They are 25 times more likely to experience poor self image, social isolation and low self esteem.

Arthritis: Due to the excess weight, obese people are more likely to develop joint pains and arthritis. This might lead to the respective joint replacements.

PCOS: Obese women are more prone to reproductive disturbances like polycystic ovary syndrome leading to infertility. They are also

Methods of Weight Loss

Different solutions are available for the same problem. Some of the major clinical ways of attaining weight loss are surgeries,
fat absorption preventive medications, heat therapy, vibrators, cellulite removal products and homeopathy.
Heat therapy, vibrators and cellulite removal products help you achieve temporary results. Once you stop using
those procedures, you turn obese again. Apart from the above, it opens doors for long term complications like bleeding,
blood clots, bruises, blood circulation problems and more.

Why Homeopathy

Proven to be effective in healing various ailments, homeopathy is the best mode of medication any person could turn to. Conventional treatment
pro cedures allow long term complications to creep in. These are proven to be beneficial only on a short timeframe but
results with longevity can be brought in thorough homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines for obesity helps one to improve digestion and metabolism rate as well.

Why Positive Slimming

Here at Positive Slimming, regular scientific monitoring is done every month which gives you assured scientific tangible results which leaves you mes
merized. This improves your BMI, reduces the body water content and reduces the excessive body fat. Going under the knife or for any other procedure
might surely scare you. Resorting to Positive Slimming is the safest way to get rid of that extra weight in a painless manner. We believe in a holistic ap
proach to allow every person who turns to us to be healed through a mix of constitutional treatment, nutritional plan and specific homeopathic medi
cines for weight loss.

Obesity Treatment Procedures are Available for All Irrespective of Age Group & Gender

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