Terms & Conditions:

Below are the terms and conditions related to our services and use of treatment at Positive Slimming. Please read the following with care. Positive Slimming is a heath care center managing obesity and overweight conditions. By following our website and taking our treatment, you are bound by these T&C during the complete treatment cycle. If you do not abide by the same, you are not bound by the T&C.

  • You are required to pay fees as per the fee structure when you start taking treatment. At any given time, we reserve our rights to increase our fees or resinstate new charges.
  • Do not accept any liability for any form of inadequate, inaccurate or incorrect advice or treatment given to you and the consequences arising from the same.
  • Once you are registered, you are bound by all the terms and conditions, health and privacy policies.
  • You are entirely responsible for the treatment you are taking from us and the liabilities associated with it.
  • We provide all the required warranties/guarantee and other implied documents as we believe that the treatment provided here will help you manage weight well
  • We hold our right to monitor your health, weight and other personal details but we are not obligated for the same
  • You are restricted to use the treatment only for you and not for others
  • You need to give us the right to reach to you through emails and calls though you are registered with DND
  • You need to guarantee that you provide accurate information and in case you find yourself giving false information correct it at the earliest.