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Obesity in Women:

Nobody can escape this health condition which is termed as an epidemic as per the World Health Organization report. Women are too are prone to this health condition. According to a survey estimate nearly 15% of women across the globe are obese, a serious issue that needs to be addressed. The percentage of women with this health disorder surpassed the percentage of men being diagnosed with the same. With these alarming figures, it is impossible to ignore and carry on with life as usual. Most of the obese women tend to have a hard time conceiving a child with the chances of little to zero percent. This condition affects the hormones and brings out adverse effects in one’s body as infertility causing havoc in your life. Taking up measures which doesn’t do harm to your precious body and get in shape at the same time is the need of the hour. Instead of resorting to any other source of medication which will have side effects, reaching out to homeopathy is the best alternative.


  • Diet
  • Inactivity
  • Medical
  • Genetic
  • Socio Cultural
  • Psychological
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Symptoms / Complications

  • Cardiovascular diseases – Coronary artery disease, hypertension and cholesterol levels shoot up
  • Stroke – Increases the risk of CVT, a rare type of stroke
  • Depression – Depression breeds in the more obese you get
  • Diabetes – The more obese you get, the more vulnerable you are to diabetes
  • Breast and Uterine Cancer – Higher the BMI, Higher the risk of breast and uterine cancer
  • Breathing disorders – Women with BMI levels exceeding 30 are prone to breathing disorders
  • Arthritis – Obesity weakens the bones and develops arthritis
  • Infertility & PCOS – Most of the obese women are diagnosed with infertility and pcos
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Women Homeopathy Obesity Treatment

Employing surgical methods to get rid of that extra fat is indeed a matter of concern which leaves you disturbed.
Having well trained and knowledgeable doctors on board, Positive Slimming will give you lasting and satisfying results.
Homeopathic medicine since it has been founded is proven to achieve complete results in treating arious body ailments.
Homeopathy treatment here at positive slimming for obesity offers the best weight loss plan for women. A holistic approach
is employed to achieve the healthy life that you have been long awaiting.

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Dr. Kiran Jose:

Treating patients with various
health conditions Dr. Kiran Jose is
a seasoned doctor when it comes
to homepathic treatment for slimming.

Dr. Bramharamba:

Specializing in treating various health
ailments throughhomeopathy,
Dr. Bramharamba is a knowledgeable
doctor who helps people go slim.

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